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                    SuZhou LiangHua Gear Co.,Ltd, located in SuZhou China, is a professional manufacturer be specialized in manufacturing the spiral bevel gear and the straight bevel gear for more than 10 years in the gear industry.

                  LiangHua has the production capacity of wide teeth range and big diameter gears as following for industrial application, such as mining machinery, mechanical transmission, marine machinery, textile machinery, high-speed heavy duty gear box, crusher, oil rig, etc.

                  Spiral bevel gear: 1-35 modules, diameter over to ф1720 mm
                    Straight bevel gear: 1-30 modules, diameter over to ф1600 mm

                    Since its establishement , LiangHua has grown up to a sucessful...


                  Copyright: SuZhou LiangHua Gear Co.,Ltd. Tel:+86-512-66836639 Fax:+86-512-66836629
                  Address:No.39 XuPai Road, XuGuan Industrial Park,SuZhou New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
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